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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year!

I can't believe how has flown by. It seems like yesterday I was buying shorts and now it's almost New Years. I've been meaning to post, but things got hectic in my little castle. My poor kid has been a teething monster for what seems like years, and for Christmas, she got a molar. I did manage to get her little Christmas/Mrs Claus tutu done, and it turned out so easy! And super cute, too!
 She still wasn't entirely thrilled with the whole idea, but she wasn't entirely unhappy about it either. So, my next project is to survive Wynnie's first birthday this Saturday. My New Years Eve (day) baby. I can't believe she'll be a year. But, I'm debating on decorating for it. I don't want a party in the traditional birthday party with balloons and such because she's a year old. She kinda gets it, but not really. But I don't want it to be just a bunch of people hanging out and I really don't want her to look back on pictures and saw something. So, we'll see what I can scrape together in a matter of days. Y'all have a Happy (and responsible) New Years Eve! See ya in 2012!

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