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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bowholders galore

I finally was able to work on Wynnie's second bow holder the other night. She's been going to bed earlier so it's much much easier to get my craft on the last few nights. 
Based on her, our, okay, MY addiction to hairbows, the first holder I made is overfull. It's a simple, ribbon wrapped 'S' with ribbon hanging down from it. I chose a solid ribbon for the letter, but chose colors and patterns that would coordinate with her room. I don't have a theme for Wynnie's room, just a color palette of sage-y greens, pinks, and browns. So, the first letter was a lovely mint green, and the one I just made is a copper. 
I had every intention of posting pictures of how I wrapped the 'E', but it took so many trial runs that by the time I actually got a wrap that I liked, I was not about to take it apart to take pictures of it. If you wanna try this, you're going to have to figure it out on your own, unfortunately. I do wish that I hadn't started with such an intricate letter. I think it would've been much easier if it hadn't had all the curly cues. I like attaching the ribbons the bows hang from with velcro. That way, if you need to adjust due to letters not hanging straight, you can. Glue the two ribbons together, heat seal the ends, and you're ready to hang and enjoy the artwork you've made!

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