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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Teething does not a crafter make

Crafting has taken a bit of a hiatus in my house right now. My very adorable daughter has decided that momma is the only thing that can make those awful teeth feel better. So, it's been a few weeks of clingy infant, and hence, no crafting. Unfortunately.
I do have a few projects I'll be starting up again on Thursday though. I've got a minky baby blanket for some great friends who are expecting their first child next month, and I've got a Santa dress made out of tulle for Wynnie, my daughter. She has to have something special for her first Christmas! I'm going off a picture with no tutorial so this should be interesting. I'll try and take some pictures since this is such a cute idea for little (and even some big) girls. 
Just so you don't think that I've been playing hooky while darling girl is teething, I did get my dining room back. Crafty goodness had taken over the dining room, all over the sewing table I had in the corner, the dining table, and various bags all over the floor. So now, my crafty goodness has taken over our guest room! I'm almost all set up in there, all I really have to do before I can resume my projects is to switch the desktop computer (that I never use) and my sewing machine. Then I'll be able to craft in style.

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